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how about you stop this coy bullshit and be clear with your intentions so i can respond accordingly i don’t have time for this

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When I have my own money and my own place.

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I’m reading your palm and it says it belongs on my butt

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10 Bleps That Prove a Cat is Cutest When Its Tongue is Out

The Blep: An adorable phenomenon that involves the protrusion of a cat’s cute pink tongue, often due to forgetfulness. 
Here we observe the blep in its many beautiful manifestations. [distractify]

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Penguin Drop Caps Series by Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley.

Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley have collaborated on an exciting new project, a series of cover designs for classic literature featuring Jessica’s Drop Caps. The first six titles, below, look pretty amazing.

Check you favorite one here:

I hate you Penguin

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